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Yes. Support is quickest using the smartphone App WhatsApp for simple questions. For more complex issues we run an email support system, our server support staff will be able to answer your questions in a secure environment about billing (tim@madw3bdesign.co.uk) or technical issues only via (hello@mysupportgroup.co.uk). The app WhatsApp can also be used on a computer desktop. Our reason for these support platforms over-the-phone support is for speed and streaming of our workflow. If you have an email issue you are contactable all of the time so we can get you back up and running in the shortest possible time. We always recommend ensuring that you have a webmail account such as Gmail or Protonmail as a backup so that if you have problems you will always be able to contact us.

Yes. We can install the latest version of WordPress for you for a small admin fee to cover our technician’s time. If you need help with plugins we are also able to install these for you if you are going to self manage your webspace.

Yes. We can carry out back ups at regular intervals, once again for a nominal fee, although we recommend the use of Akeeba Backup which we have found very reliable and productive over the years. Contact us with a message to inform us and we will download a copy from the server for you for safe keeping.

Your hosting agreement is for one year as are the domain names that are registered with us. Should you not renew promptly we can’t guarantee your domain name remaining in your account. Once a domain lapses we have very little control, to a degree the same with hosting, accounts are deleted if they haven’t been paid for in full by the expiry date. All services must be paid for by the time stated which is generally a few weeks before expiry. Notice to cancel your hosting or move your domain to another supplier requires 30 days written notice via email to avoid any further charges being applied. If you wish to park your domain name on a different server part way through our agreement, this is no problem, although we are unable to refund any part of the unused contract time. Should you wish to move to another supplier you are free to do this at any time (60 days after registration of a new domain or 30 days before domain expiry) but no refunds can be made for time unused.

Our hosting prices vary, £120:00 per year for our Personal Hosting account, £165:00 for our Enterprise Package and £195:00 for the Business Package. Domain names are currently £30:00 for a .co.uk and £35:00 per year for a .com. We are happy to supply an estimate for any other domain title that catches your eye.

Yes. Although we prefer to install a clean backed up copy of your website rather than a migration, most of the time this is somewhat quicker so our admin fee would be far less and also it’s good house keeping to give your website hosting a spring clean once in a while. We are happy to supply an estimate either way once we know what access we will have on your new server.

No. We don’t sell domains, we have a business account with domain name registrars where we register your preferred domain name on your behalf for a nominal fee to manage the domain name for the registration period.

No. We do not host your email but we will supply the POP3 credentials for you to insert into your preferred email software. We recommend Gmail for free users to have up to five domain email accounts added to each Gmail account. You can then choose which to be the primary account and hide the Gmail account from view; we can assist with this. Gmail also offer a paid-for service although a very good reliable alternative is Protonmail (which we use for some of our accounts, very similar to Gmail). This takes a little more setting up which we can again sort out for you. Protonmail is end-to-end encrypted for security. Both have their own Free apps for you to use on your smartphone which will automatically synchronise with your laptop, tablet or desktop computer when you log in.

Yes. We have many websites built in various versions of Joomla! and as long as updates are applied on a regular basis then there should never be an issue running the latest versions of Joomla!, just like WordPress and others.

You can have as many visitors as you like.

The more visitors to your website at any one time will slow down a little. Should you ever get to this stage then your business should be doing very well and it would be time to move the hosting to its own dedicated server with no other websites on the same server sharing the bandwidth.

Our contact details are on our contact page, phone, email, messaging via WhatsApp. At the time you contact us, we may not be in a position to take your call or message especially if we are driving or dealing with another client, but rest assured as soon as we are free we will contact you. This should never be more than 1 to 2 hours maximum.

No. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate monthly payments at present but it is a topic that we are working on with our hosting providers which we hope to put into action during 2024/25. It would be slightly more expensive, bearing in mind that your domain names can only be registered for a minimum of one year.

Yes. We run c-Panel which has AW Stats installed as standard on all packages. These are refreshed once every 24 hours for you to keep track of everything, to see what is and isn’t working for you, if you wish to get technical.

On average most accounts can be set up in around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the current work load once cleared payment has been confirmed and the domain name registered. Nameservers for domain names need to be set for the hosting package. Once in a while, the odd domain name may take longer to propagate the internet with these details which can delay things from an hour to 48 hours but this is very rare.

The Personal account you can have a main domain and one additional, the Enterprise 5 additional domain names and the Business package will allow ten domains. If you are a crazy domain hoarder and need more than ten domains please contact our support and we can give an estimate of costs which would be very small.

There are a small number of restrictions which are covered in our terms and conditions of business, please read these together with our privacy policy to put your mind at rest. We are always asked, and sorry the answer is no, we do not permit streaming of any kind. There are specialist hosting companies that do this, please let us know what you are after and we can point you in the right direction.

Yes. We can undertake all your design work from a business card through to brochures, banners, invoices, flyers, adverts, sports programmes, merchandise, logos and much more. We have good working relationships with trade suppliers who we are happy to connect you to once your design and branding is finished.

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