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🗣️ We Have Moved – Reminder

We have relocated to a small village just south of Evesham, this makes no difference to our graphics, website or hosting services offered. We look forward to continuing to supply services to our clients and welcome new clients.

All of our new details are listed below, please take time to update your records and address book, recently we experienced some clients not reading our emails and trying to contact us on a mobile number that was replaced last year.

It is imperative that you update our details and also ensure that we always have your latest contact details to be able to serve you. Our freelancers and/or technicians when offering support will only be able to communicate with you if you pass the ID requirements, please see the support section below which is very important to adhere to.

We decided to use a company called ‘Smash’ when sending email attachments, please look out for the following email address “Smash <noreply@fromsmash.com>” and white list this in your contacts, the email will state that it has been sent on behalf of tim@allanpromotions.co.uk. This service is very similar to WeTransfer.com, this is to help ensure the effective distribution and deliverability of large attachments.

As the year progresses we will be using a third-party mailing service to send our news and offers, this will give us much more insight and tools to determine our advertising going forward, once we have decided to go live we will email confirmation to you.

💬 We have recently upgraded one of our servers, we have issued dedicated IP addresses to each client due to bad practices being used by several clients affecting everyone on the server. Mad Web has covered the initial costs involved, however, if a client in the future has their email blacklisted, the client will be required to cover any cost arising to ensure removal, potential new IP address and time for our technicians.

✔ Please update all details below and delete all previous phone, email and addresses.

OPENING TIMES 📆 : Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 out of hours by support tickets ONLY

NEW 📱 : Virtual Office Landline 01386 291025
NEW ☎️ : Business Mobile 07833 981125 coverage can be iffy for mobiles at times
NEW 📍 : 6 Banks Road, Badsey, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 7TB
UPDATED 📩 : tim@madw3bdesign.co.uk & tim@allanpromotions.co.uk we have a backup email for emergency use ONLY madw3bdesign@gmail.com

You Need to Register for Support
Please don’t leave registering until you experience a problem

✔ SUPPORT TICKETS 🆘 : Support from the 6th of March 2023 will ONLY be via our support tickets, we will no longer offer support by phone or email.

✔ You NEED to register at the following URL to receive support for your website and/or hosting package, madw3bdesign.ticksy.com

✔ This is to streamline our service to you. Website updates must be sent by email to tim@madw3bdesign.co.uk no other address will be set to accept or carry out website updates in the future.

✔ Our support email will be monitored by all staff and by technicians as and when required, please whitelist the following email which is for support only tim@madw3b.co.uk